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Hawaiian Paradise Eco Community Living September 23, 2007

Peace to all of you from the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Bienvinidos, Welcome!!! With this blog we want to focus on issues surrounding sustainability and the building of alternative and ecologically based communities. This is a space to build on ways to increase our passion and knowledge for living more naturally and harmoniously with our beautiful mother Earth. New eco-friendly inventions, methods of organic gardening, alternative building techniques, biodynamic farming, eco village formation in the US and abroad, wwoofing and other interesting topics in sustainability will be dealt with here…

Over the last few years, I’ve been gaining increased interest in ways to live closer to nature and outside of the mainstream urbanized mindset. I find myself dipping in and out of cities, floating between bricks and mortar to occasional respites in pristine locales across the globe. The dream is simple though: Find a way to live in communities that are based on loving, living and healing the planet while still benefiting from all her abundance.

On Kauai my 2 year old and I got the chance to experience staying on different farms and living off grid. We stayed on land with transient hippy types interested in living communally in gorgeous natural environments. We lived on 5 acres of pristine, lush land with almost every tropical fruit tree you could imagine, sacred plant vines, veggie gardens and plenty of space to set up camp. The property was encircled by an astonishing, thick keiki bamboo forest with a cool, fresh water creek perfect for summer after noon dips. It was while living in this community that we became first exposed to what it means to live in an eco-village type of setting.

Everyone lived in their own tents, natural built structures or even under tarps in throughout the land and within the bamboo forest. Unlike a lot of work exchange situations you find on the Hawaiian islands and abroad, we lived without rigid rules for our stay there. Everyone just kind of did what they did to maintain the gardens,trees and the common spaces. There were no laid out ‘hours’ of work that had to be fulfilled. And because of this everyone did what they were inspired to do to insure that the land continued to flourish, without following the route of a lot of eco communities and becoming cultish.We were all able to maintain our autonomy while still coming together harmoniously with other like minds in service of the land of the beautiful Island of Kauai, Mama Earth, and ourselves. It was a model for community living that worked. Though it was just a small slice in time in which we lived this way, before the owner came back from the mainland and cleared the place, it still gave me inspiration for the future of living in community.


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