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Cow Dung and It’s Many Wonderful Properties September 27, 2007

So I just saw this stunning movie on Peter Proctor, present day pioneer of Biodynamic Farming Methods and the work he tirelessly performs worldwide but presently with a focus on Mama India. The movie is called How to Save the World:One Man, One Cow, One Planet and is highly recommended. I’d heard of Biodynamic Farming prior to seeing the film but never realized what an integration of metaphysics and spirituality it involved. The most phenomenal aspect of this method of restoration of the earth’s depleted soils is that it is based upon the use of the sacred cow dung, believed to have curative and spiritual powers throughout India and other parts of the planet. With cow dung, a compost is created that when worked into soil in a particular ritualistic way, creates certain energies that serve in healing the soil undergoing the process. It’s interesting to observe New Zealand farmer, Peter Proctor teaching the people of India a process for healing their highly denatured soil that appeals to their cultural practice of revering and respecting the power of the cow. And biodynamic farming isn’t the only practice that purports powerful healing coming from the dung of the cow. Google Videos aren’t embedding but you can check the trailer out on there.For More Info on this.

I initially got turned on to the power of cow dung by some people in Atlanta Georgia that were heavily involved in the practice of Agnihotra. Agnihotra is a Vedic yajna and involves the burning of cow dung and ghee butter in an inverted copper pyramid at dusk and dawn precisely, while chanting Vedic mantras. Properly performed, this ritual according to the Vedic tradition, brings about enormous healing and purification of the environment. The Agnihotra is a powerful yajna that in my experience brings about a deep sense of peace. This 5 minute process feels like coming out of an hour of meditation. It’s a grounding practices and assists in uncovering the real Self, hidden underneath all of the mental chatter. The fact that the dung of the cow is such an important part of this process is really significant given the way this culture brutalizes and tortures these sacred creatures. Yet the manure of this animal can bring about so much good upon the planet. Interesting…



21 Responses to “Cow Dung and It’s Many Wonderful Properties”

  1. varaprasad daitha Says:

    The contents of the note are true which I am practicing in my organic farm in Hyderabad, India. It is proved that an amount of 5 Million cubic meters of Oxygen is descended on to the site where it is being performed on each occasion. Such oxygen gives rise to biological activity in plant kingdom and animal kingdom residing in its vicinity. The mantra is very simple and if any one is interested to know they may write to my e-mail To chant it one shall have an accent of Sanskrit and there should be no mistakes in chanting it.

    D V Prasad



      We have a small cow shed with about 30 animals interested in coming out with healthy and organic milk . We would like adopt technics which can enhance the quality of milk and in turn health in general and environment in particular. We are based in Coimbatore with rich experience of rearing cow. Will be too obliged if you can enlighten in this regard. Better use of cow dung also is one of our objective.


  2. indigoseed Says:

    Those figures are amazing really. I actually heard that they can see from space all traces of radiation cleared up in areas where there are significant amounts of cow dung.


  3. this has been used since long in Hindus, and u know the urine is also able to cure many diseases


  4. Sadhak Says:

    Thanks. Visit for nice ar icle on Agnihotra, Meditation, Pranayam etc.


  5. bharatvaj Says:

    can u tell me the chemical and medicinal uses and its methods.please..


  6. sktegta Says:

    I am regular doer of agnihotra. It’s universal healer. There is much information at“/agnihotraa


  7. Dr Manoj Raj saxena Says:

    intresting informative


  8. Vinayak Says:

    Go to this website without wasting any time. YOu will get an answer to most of your questions. Start practising it and you will get an answer to all your questions.


    Perfomr agnihotra, Heal the atmosphere!


  9. Dhanvanthri Says:

    Please send the properties & MEDICINAL value of cowdung & neem (Azadirachta indica).


  10. Dhanvanthri Says:

    Please send the properties & MEDICINAL value of cowdung & neem (Azadirachta indica), please send now itself .


  11. saket srivastava Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am given to understand that the cow dung has a special property to prevent peneteration of ultravoilet radiation and hence the mud houses are covered by the cow dung paste on regular basis. I have also read that on the polor ice nort and south they are working out witha material combination of cow dung with object of enhancing the life of single application to prevent bad effects of the uv radiation.

    pl provide me more inputs on this matter.


    • indigoseed Says:

      I have heard similar things about the dung and Uv radiation. This is all the more reason to do the agni hotra. I will
      look into more on this subject…I’ve heard that radiation is cleared for several miles in every direction from the point
      of practice of the agni hotra…


  12. saket srivastava Says:

    I have been talking to bio chemistry post doct. and gathered that the entestine of india bovine means cow has a large presence of a particular enzime and its secration helps them to process their intake and it is flushed out with their dung.
    It is this enzime and its content that could be causing this effect. I have no data on the same of cows abroad and thier technical abrevations etc.
    Any data on this is welcome.


  13. In my childhood days, that was nearly sixty ears back, solar eclipse was concidered to be a heavenly matter and thaought that the sun was gripped by aserpent called rahu. The belief wasa at the time of eclipse the poison of the serpent would spread through solar rays and will reach anyoe who looks with naked eyes. But the then elders permitted us to view reflection of sun through a solution of cowdung and water (cowdung dissolved in water). They said it will absorb the poison. and the rays will become pure. Later in higher classes we studied that eclipse is not aserpent affair and there is no harm. Still later the scientists used hard jargons lke ultraviolet radiation, retina, optical nerves etc and asked us not to view sun directly. We followed. Now we understand that there s no difference in the sayings of elders and scientists except in their words. Our elders used the simplemost words to make us understand.. Now with the finding that cowdung can absorb UV radiation, I understand that ,science to the limit of our lives, existed in India since time immemmorial.


  14. Dr.Z S Rana Says:

    Indian cow issaid to cosmic devine values because of pyramid type horns,back&rump which derive cosmic enrgy from atmosphere. wonderful agnihotra purifies atmosphere. when ghee/rice& cow dund r put to fire they produce ethlene oxode etc. gases that cause rains. cow dung& urine has got medicinal of panchgavya r yet to be explored..there is need torevalidate them.


  15. dr bharat agrawal Says:

    Sir, this is high time when Cow dung & Urine can save the life in Japan from the effect of Radiations.
    i request to take some immigiate action if you belive in the fact.
    Dr Bharat Agrawal
    +91 – 9825225599


    • indigoseed Says:

      Absolutely…The incredible properties of Cow Dung to cure the effects of Radiation are irrefutable. I just hope more people can be made aware of this..


  16. manju Says:

    good post. . .


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