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Artisana’s Raw Food Delights September 30, 2007

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I’ve had an amazing year in raw foods and it’s mainly due to my introduction the wonderful world of Artisanas. Artisanas products are so rare and so full of manna, it’s unbelievable they aren’t in every supermarket. My first experience with Artisanas was with the Coconut Butter. This stuff remains my favorite of all their products and for good reason. Artisana’s Coconut Butter is like coconut cream heavan. With this butter you get the full coconut experience since nothing is added or taken out. It is truly a whole food and one that the average vegan/raw food enthusiast should never be with out. And the best part about it all is that it has all of the nutrients in tact thanks to being a raw food product, so you get plenty of protein, healthy fat, and vitamins in every serving.

This is such a versatile product. You can eat it melted which is automatic after 80 degrees or in a congealed state, that kind of reminds me of white chocolate. I love to pour the liquid Artisana’s Coconut Butter on

bananas and papaya,

throw on some chopped walnuts or hemp seeds and

maybe a dab of agave nectar for a simple but stunningly delicious treat.

We also make a delicious hot cocoa with the

Coconut Butter,

putting it in Yerba Mate,

with raw cacao powder and

agave nectar to taste

You can add the Coconut Butter in the end so that it melts in the water and doesn’t lose it’s enzymes in the heating process

Artisana’s has a ton of products outside of the butter. There’s Goji Bliss, Cacao Bliss, Delicious Raw Tahini dressing, among other nut butters and treats.
Check out David Wolfe’s company to get your hands on these products. Sunfood Nutrition�


One Response to “Artisana’s Raw Food Delights”

  1. hiko Says:

    artisana coconut butter’s good indeed…


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