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The Need to Save the Seed April 29, 2008

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With the current food crisis upon us, the need for further control over our own food is of utmost importance. Backyard and kitchen gardening with compost and other organic products are some practices we can all incorporate into our lives to increase sustainability. There is a growing shortage of organic seeds and heirlooms on this planet now especially with the common practice of planting gmo and using other unnatural substances such as chemical based pesticides, herbicides and a whole host of frightening substances that negatively effect our health and environment.

Seed saving is a simple way to take charge of our food and our lives.

Steps to seed saving (the simple method):

1. Remove the seeds from all fruits and veggies that you have eaten, especially those that were most delicious to you since those are the strains we want to see proliferate again.

2. Clean the seeds thoroughly with apple cider vinegar and distilled water or even a biodegradable soap, ensuring that none of the fruit flesh remains on the seed.

3. COOL AND DRY. These are the key words for storage of these seeds. Allow them to be in a cool and dry place for as long as needed to ensure thorough drying. You’ll know smaller seeds are truly dry if they break as opposed to bend when pressure is applied.

4. Store the seeds in labeled containers such as paper or plastic envelopes and if storage is for extended periods, then place in a jar and store in the freezer.

These are some simple steps to saving seeds and will allow us to preserve our organic seeds and continue in promoting the planting of natural, healthful foods!


One Response to “The Need to Save the Seed”

  1. amberginsburg Says:

    It is great to see the connection between our works. If you have any extra seeds, will would love place some in our exhibition.



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