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Sweet Mexico December 12, 2008

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Mexico me encanta….

I’m in love. Though Ka and I were stoked to be Cuba bound, our damaged passports found us trapped in expensive while captivating Quitana Roo, where Cancun is, after 10 years of not coming across that border…At first I felt frustrated because my heart was definitely set on Cuba but the last week has really opened my eyes to just how amazing this country is..

We started in commerialized and pricey Cancun to our dismay but over a couple of days, found it to possess it’s own magic…Mexico reminds me much of Brazil in that the folks love to get their party on.  We spent a Tuesday night in Cancun floating from a free salsa dancing party, to a huge carnival and then on to live reggae in the plaza.  And children are welcome everywhere here, even at some club, so you know we’ve been doin it up over here in Mexico.  Overall I can say Cancun is dope if you avoid the odd Hotelera, with the extremely disturbing mega resorts and supersized oddities.  We spent a day on the beach in Cancun, which while blessed, had us a bit perturbed by the 10 feet of sand space we had to function in before the water because our backs were slammed against the wall of some huge hotel catering to 5 star, 3rd world culture vultures..

Our passport business had us wondering North to the Yucatan Peninsula, the well known region of the Ancient Maya to a lovely lil city called Merida, which I fell in love with right away.  Merida had a plaza area where on a Monday night you’d find all types of street vendors, performers, government sponsored cultural events like Mayan dancers and musicians, and 100s of flamenco and local guitarists wondering the streets playing music for visitors.  We got to go to live Reggae shows, play african drums with some musicians in the street, build with elder Mayan musicians hustlin in the plaza and relax and enjoy the friendly hustle and bustle. Oh and the food in Merida was worthy of shed tears.  I ate like some kind of crazy person.  It wasn’t really cheap but so high quality I had little control.  One day we rode with some hippy craftfolk friends to the ocean in Progresso.  All the cruise ships docked in Progresso so our folks were getting their hustle on and we were baking in the sun and taking dips in clear blue/green ecstacy.

Though thoroughly enjoying Mexico, Cuba stays on my heart in a powerful way right now but I figure Goddess knows so we are in the flow.  And this  flow delivered us to Tulum back in Quintana Roo last night.  I’d been hearing about this lovely lil town from some dear friends of mine from the area that live in Northern California as well.  So we moved in to this delightful lil hostel called Rancho Tranquilo with cute cabanas typical of this region. Tulum contains many ancient Mayan ruins overlooking the incredibly blue-green Carribean.  We just came from observing the ruins, swimming in the warm and delightful playa and feeling the energy of the Ancient ones that once inhabited this incredible coastal paradise….This place is so magical that within 5 minutes of each other, I meet a lovely man that is great friends with a dear friend of mine from this area and a woman I bonded with in African dance class on Kauia, ran into at a Midnite show in Oakland after leaving Kauai, and now am seeing here in Tulum, oh and she invited us to join her crew to go down to Belize tomorrow btw.. we’ll see.

I’ve been directed by some drummers in Merida to check out trying to do some African dance performance with here in Tulum for a bit so I’m going to see what’s up with them tonight.  2 be continued lovies.

Mexico me encanta


2 Responses to “Sweet Mexico”

  1. melly mel Says:

    living it up! i miss you guys! thanks for sharing these adventures. kiss baby for me. xxoo


  2. anialove Says:

    you know my love is with you and ka each step of the way. each and every step.


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