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Yucatan Living December 30, 2008

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So Ka and I are definitely enjoying our new life in Sunny Tulum, Yucatan Mexico.  Tulum is an interesting locale because it is kind of a microcosm of the greater world in that you can find just about all types of humans in all their varied levels of lunancy right here. It’s a major hub for tourists so you’re constantly interfacing with global travelers from Italy, Holland, all over Latin America, Canada, the States, etc…As any touristic locale, despite the sacredness to the locale to the Maya that once had great empires throughout this region, there is that strange phenomenon of trying to market your culture and ways to visitors just to make a living.  That creates a certain dynamic between locals and visitors that is strange to observe but very common.

The town is dope because their are a ton of hippies and musicians from around the globe passing through, performing at the multitude of live music venues here in Tulum Town as well as along the extensive coast line close by.  There are constantly folks in the street, eating at the many restaurants,  people watching, listening to random live music or out at one of the seemingly constant fairs going on in town.

Me and Kamania spend most of our time, walking the streets with friends, making delicious foods in the kitchens of amigos that actually have full kitchens, unlike us, and finding ways to get ourselves to the incredible beaches for some relaxation time.

Last night I finally ran into my wonderful, new mother girlfriend Yazmin from Tepotzlan that I met working in Northern Cali last year. She and her mate and their crew had traveled up by van visiting Chiapas, Michoacan and all these other incredible locales  and invited Ka and I to come down and get on that journey but at the time I was feeling like grounding so thats what we did. Her and her crew Circostancias de Musica del Todo Mundo, did an incredible cirque do soleil type of performance. It was insane, her rhyming on the mic, playing cajon, tablas, chanting, oming, her man doing amazing acrobats, jungling and other insane feats with his brother and other friends. This went down all 5 min from my front door at this spot Charlies that at any given time you can see the most ridiculous stage show of flamenco guitarists or acts like Yazmin and her family.  That’s Tulum..The fun never seems to cease. It reminds me of Bahia Brazil in that way. Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming for a mama like me.  At 4 am in the morning I’ve been awakened many a time to loud ass sound systems pumping out Reggaeton or whatever Latin Music.  It’s slightly insane really…But overall the Yucatan has been good to us…

I am even considering taking Ka to this Montessori-esque school 12 miles away that is run by Mayan women and basically only ask that parents volunteer a few hours a week. It will be an opportunity for her to really socialize and learn in an environment that is wholesome.  So all in all this place has a lot to offer us, plus it’s close to Cuba, lol.


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  1. melly mel Says:

    hey there! how fun! that schools sounds so great for the lil princess. she’ll be bilingual to huh? hey why don’t you share with us some cool recipes your learning. go easy on me though cuz.. well you know. love you! thanks for sharing!


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