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Fresh Compost to Feed the Earth July 22, 2011

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Today my folks went to pick up some fresh organic matter, ie compost to prepare the soil for our next planting.  It is so exciting to be starting off a new cycle in planting knowing that all the little seeds we have sown will grow into larger seedlings that will go in this healthy and natural soil and in turn give us that energy back.

My lil one and I did some starts yesterday so we can have some fall harvests of collards, cabbages, etc..We will have as a next project, the adding of the compost to the dirt and plant matter in our planters.  Compost for those that are new to the agricultural sphere is organic matter such as food stuffs, wood, pine and all types of organic matter that is left to decompose in various conditions and then reused as fertilizer and to amend and heal the soil.  Compost is so useful as a fertilizer,  a conditioner for the soil and even as a natural pesticide.

I’m excited to see how our garden benefits and thrives with the compost addition for the upcoming season.




Tomatoes Still Goin Off


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