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Natural High July 22, 2011

So this is the first Earthkeepin  entry in a long time. Since last entries, my lil earth guardian and I have done a few years in the Bay Area,  after a good long trip to Mexico Lindo and then on to the South of France, checking out the lovely lavender and beautiful hills of that region.  Throughout this journeying, we’ve tried to stay tapped into green movement and lifestyle.

From the Bay, we launched off to Senegal West Africa early this year to check out the Sahel and discover the magical richness of that land and any movements surrounding that.   From there, we blew across the lovely island of Gran Canaria for 2 months, taking in the subtle beauty of the dry, while lush terrain and the incredibly kind and friendly folks of the Canaries.  Our little few month tour has landed us right back home in the so called Dirty South, living close to the earth and enjoying watching the reap of our sow..

As of late, my lil one and I have a primary interest in growing yummy scrumptious delicious food!  We have done it all, from hydroponics to aquaponics and right now, we are back to working with the good ole earth,  to grow organic  food to nourish the nation!

Stay with us as we embark on larger scale food projects and grow deeper in our knowledge of sustainable practices,  and organic living…


This is Ka sowing away



Watermelon in its Fullness

This is from the Yard


A Gigantic Zucchini

Straight from Earth's Garden


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