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Back to Life February 22, 2013

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Well it’s been a while since I’ve done any updating to Earthkeepin, but it’s a new year and with Mercury going into Retrograde right now, a good time to reinvigorate things that were showing promise at one time in the past.

Earthkeepin is a space for me to share my experiences as a Mother, a world traveller (with kids in tow), a Wife (2 years now!), an Artist as well as an aspiring entrepreneur and self made woman.   My passions are varied and my experiences, according to a lot of my friends, worthy of publishing somewhere!  So I thought I better get back to sharing on this wonderful blogging platform and see where it goes..

So here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to..

Living in Georgia still after a wild journey to Senegal, getting married, travelling to Canary Islands Spain and returning to the US pregnant and shell shocked from leaving my husband. I spent my pregnancy here in Georgia, gardening, helping form a woman’s entrepreneurial co-op, and building with my family.  I was finally reunited with my beloved husband Leon after 14 gruelling months apart due to immigration.  Below is my sweet lil family.

blogfam blogfamily  blogfamily4blog5

Being reunited after all these months, as a family, with a new edition, our 1 year old son Alioune, is serving as an inspiration for all things Me. This means me exploring myself deeper as a dancer and as well as a vocalist and musician.  My husband and I are forming a group with a neighbor of ours right now. It’s a lil reggae, afro groovey funk vibe that we hope can flower into something in time.  Even our children help out on percussion and vocals.

Like the namesake, it’s still about nurturing over this way…That includes the Earth, family and the self.  It’s a worthwhile journey for sure.


2 Responses to “Back to Life”

  1. zhenya Says:

    Aloha from Maui beautiful Imara! I am sooo happy to see your progress in life and the beautiful new additions to your family! I too have begun to blog again with a renewed zeal… please get in touch with me as I have the intention of reuniting with my sisters in cyberspace… *Hugs* and kisses to you dear one!


    • indigoseed Says:

      Alohaaa. Missing beautiful Hawaii so and the wonderful people that live on her…Let’s build. It’s our time love..Using these blogs as platforms is ideal! See you in the cybethers :-)!


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