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Who and WHAT is Earthpalate September 23, 2007

I am a globetrottin mama of 2 that loves to live life to its fullest potential.  I have made global travel, natural healing and all things nature-based my Entire life.

That’s where Earthpalate comes in…

It’s more than a bath and body and perfume line, it is a LIVITY (lifestyle).  Earthpalate is me…Imara, organic farmer, yummy cream and body  butter maker, perfumist to the hilt, dirt lover, music maker, cultural dance obsessor, health and nutrition promoter, yoni steamer, community builder, organizer, and life LOVER, with a palate for only the FINEST things in life!

Me and my itty bitties live between too many spots but focus on South Florida and St. Croix US Virgin Islands.  I do love my island paradise though and plan to make it a more full time thing.  I am finishing an MS in Alternative and Complementary Medicine at the American College of Healthcare Sciences online and have a lovely etsy with fantastic bath and body products made from mainly organic materials. Check us out HERE

FOLLOW EARTHPALATE ON PERISCOPE AND BLAB.IM for LIVE steaming of our monthly global event “In-her Alchemy Wombyn’s Gathering” where we focus on womb health with yoni steaming, vaginal jade eggs and all types of fun stuff…


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6 Responses to “Who and WHAT is Earthpalate”

  1. sunshineforlife Says:

    Hi, got your link from my blog statsand i guess you have dropped by because of my post yesterday on eating raw.

    Your blog is very informative. wish you are nearby so that my mom could ask you personally on many i guess she is ok with she is doing now. She is using chicken dung for her organic stuff. I find it ewwweee bt itis doing well on her plants now. 🙂

    Informative blogs like this is worth reading. 🙂


  2. rashad Says:

    I would like more info on agnithra.Please send contact


  3. Nature Says:

    Hola….I am in Puerto Morelos with two African Canadian kids and was doing some research on biodynamic gardening in Yucatan…voila, there you are. Are you still in the area of Tulum or?? Would like to connect and talk with you about some things…


    • indigoseed Says:

      Hello there, just remembering I saw this on my blog…Interesting..Yes, I would love to know more about what your experience has been working with
      biodynamics in the Yucatan area…I have several land owning friends around and in tulum and am back and forth currently…My email is, a better
      place to communicate with me….


  4. i found you while looking for Agnihotra, I like what you are saying and i wish you the best. We are setting up a permaculture educating site and some of your posts have gone a long way to confirming that what we are doing is the right thing. Thanks


    • indigoseed Says:

      Yes, we need more folks that look like us talking about permaculture, aquaponics, growing food in alternative ways etc….The time is now.


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