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Preparing for a Bug Free Spring with Essential Oils March 4, 2013

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Before a trip to Senegal West Africa 2 years ago, I started to craft a bug spray that acted as an excellent repellent for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas an all types of critters.  It worked so well while I was in Africa that I decided to keep making it and eventually began selling it.  It’s amazing how useful essential oils can be.  They work on the physical and more subtle levels to create a variety of changes in the chemistry of the body and the environment.  I use essential oils for all types of things.  Lemon and Lavender among other citrus oils are great for cleaning.  And for repelling bugs a combination of  any of the following can assist in keeping you bite and bother free.

  • Citronella Oil
  • Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Cedar Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Clove Oil
  • Geranium Oil
  • Possibly Oils from Verbena, Pennyroyal, Lavender, Pine, Cajeput, Basil, Thyme, Allspice, Soybean, and Garlic

I use a sprayable fractionated oil as my base oil so that the scent can be sprayed and rubbed on and will be longer lasting.


Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Marketplace February 23, 2013

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I’ve recently found myself involved in a project proposal drafting with Brazilian researchers and agriculturalists with Embrapa Meio Norte of Brazil.  One of the researchers found me on the website for Africa-Brazil Agricultural Marketplace networking my interest in working with researchers in the area of aquaponics.   Aquaponic farming, as I discussed in a previous post, is a the raising of fish with the purpose of using their effluent (waste) as nutriment for the growth of plant life.  So when this researcher found me and asked me to assist in the grant drafting, I was more than excited. Him and his team have crafted a holistic system or what they call an Integrated Food System that is based on the actual aquaponic tank and accompanying vegetation. In addition, they rear worms on the plant beds, where they assist in augmenting healthy bacteria growth and in addition they make compost for soil based crops.  Along with this system is the rearing of various farm animals resulting in an overall increase of food production.

The purpose of the Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Marketplace  is to link Brazilian researchers that are innovating in agriculture with scientists and researchers in Africa that seek to find ways to improve farming conditions in their homes.   Fund will be provided to selected projects in the area of technology sharing, trainings, and development.  My husband and I initially wanted to find researchers in his home country of Senegal that would be interested in doing the project with Luiz and his team so that maybe we could be a part of the process out there.  But, as it has evolved, we have decided that the project would serve any locale in which food production is an issue.  The Sahel, which Senegal is a part of, is a very dry and challenging place for farm production given farmers’ dependence on short seasonal rain.  We have finally decided on a partner for the project from Niger, a poor Sahel country experiencing many challenges.   Aquaponics is a very water efficient farm technology that involves very low consumption of water, is soil-less and can be operated on solar power.  The proposal we are drafting emphasizes all of these things and how perfect aquaponics could be for the Sahel.

Though we are still in the first phase, we are hopeful about the outcome and look forward to bringing aquaponics and the integrated food system to any place that can benefit from the technology.


Back to Life February 22, 2013

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Well it’s been a while since I’ve done any updating to Earthkeepin, but it’s a new year and with Mercury going into Retrograde right now, a good time to reinvigorate things that were showing promise at one time in the past.

Earthkeepin is a space for me to share my experiences as a Mother, a world traveller (with kids in tow), a Wife (2 years now!), an Artist as well as an aspiring entrepreneur and self made woman.   My passions are varied and my experiences, according to a lot of my friends, worthy of publishing somewhere!  So I thought I better get back to sharing on this wonderful blogging platform and see where it goes..

So here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to..

Living in Georgia still after a wild journey to Senegal, getting married, travelling to Canary Islands Spain and returning to the US pregnant and shell shocked from leaving my husband. I spent my pregnancy here in Georgia, gardening, helping form a woman’s entrepreneurial co-op, and building with my family.  I was finally reunited with my beloved husband Leon after 14 gruelling months apart due to immigration.  Below is my sweet lil family.

blogfam blogfamily  blogfamily4blog5

Being reunited after all these months, as a family, with a new edition, our 1 year old son Alioune, is serving as an inspiration for all things Me. This means me exploring myself deeper as a dancer and as well as a vocalist and musician.  My husband and I are forming a group with a neighbor of ours right now. It’s a lil reggae, afro groovey funk vibe that we hope can flower into something in time.  Even our children help out on percussion and vocals.

Like the namesake, it’s still about nurturing over this way…That includes the Earth, family and the self.  It’s a worthwhile journey for sure.


Aquaponics and Food July 26, 2011

Aquaponic became a major interest of mine last year sometime when I did a training in it’s theory and practices with a man in the Bay Area of California.  He’s a Kenyan guy named Eric, from Kijiji Grows.  Eric took us through a few days of discussion and practicum in building Aquaponic systems.   Aquaponics is basically a combined science of aquaculture or fish raising with hydroponics (non soil based plant growth) to produce food in a highly efficient and low waste, symbiotic system.  It’s a system that is nothing new, utilized in ancient Mexican Aztec civilization, and I even heard about its use in various parts of Africa, though not called by the name Aquaponics of course.

Aquaponics is basically a 2 part system, an aquaculture tank for the raising of fish and a hydroponic (non soil based) garden for the growth of vegetables.  Basically in this system, the fish tank water becomes full of toxic effluent, or fish waste and uneaten foodstuffs. Though toxic to the fish, this effluent is transformed into a food source appropriate for the growth of various vegetables.

I got on the Aquaponics wagon as I learned more about water scarcity on the planet as well as the fact that there are places where the soil just isn’t fit for the growth of healthy and rich vegetables.   The instructor Eric had worked in a dry desert like area of Kenya showing local folks how to put together  aquaponics systems with things found locally and helped the folks of that remote region take control of their food security issues.

On a recent trip to Senegal West Africa, I saw a locale that could greatly benefit from the implementation of Aquaponics urban gardens.  In the city I was based in Dakar, I saw so little in the way of food growth and though one organization Jica, a Japanese non governmental was doing aquaculture projects in the South, I still saw room for some massive projects involving Aquaponics in this fish industry based nation.


Agnihotra and Radioactivity July 23, 2011

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I just got finished reading a report in Satsang, Volume 38 number 7,  found here  about Agnihotra and the premise that it is a major, perhaps even the most curative force we have for the high levels of radiation permeating the globe.  Given the Fukishima castastrophe and subsequent radiation of various parts of the planet, it’s waters, food sources and water tables, it seems natural that we’d all want to know more about things we can do to prevent adverse effects from radiation.

I wrote  a blog on Earthkeepin a few years ago about Agnihotra.   A lot of long time Agni hotra practitioners, many from India, responded with so much enthusiasm and a strong sincere belief in the healing possibilities of this practice.  Some details of what Agnihotra is are better explained in that blog.

In the report  I read today in Satsang, they speak on Soviet scientists discovery that most of the food on the planet was in fact already radioactive at the time surrounding Chernobyl. Well, with this last disaster, we can only imagine the condition of things.  These scientists are even suggesting that people eat some of the Agnihotra ash before each meal in order protect themselves from the radioactivity.  All of this is interesting given that we scarcely even hear anything about the spread of the radiation from the Japan incident to other parts of the world, and needless to say aren’t given any advice by the mainstream on ways to counteract that reality.

I’m very interested to see what changes could be made to the conditions of, for one our food supply with the global implementation of Homatherapy in gardening practices and Agnihotra to bring about an all around healing of the atmosphere and the reality of biology on this planet.


Fresh Compost to Feed the Earth July 22, 2011

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Today my folks went to pick up some fresh organic matter, ie compost to prepare the soil for our next planting.  It is so exciting to be starting off a new cycle in planting knowing that all the little seeds we have sown will grow into larger seedlings that will go in this healthy and natural soil and in turn give us that energy back.

My lil one and I did some starts yesterday so we can have some fall harvests of collards, cabbages, etc..We will have as a next project, the adding of the compost to the dirt and plant matter in our planters.  Compost for those that are new to the agricultural sphere is organic matter such as food stuffs, wood, pine and all types of organic matter that is left to decompose in various conditions and then reused as fertilizer and to amend and heal the soil.  Compost is so useful as a fertilizer,  a conditioner for the soil and even as a natural pesticide.

I’m excited to see how our garden benefits and thrives with the compost addition for the upcoming season.




Tomatoes Still Goin Off


Natural High

So this is the first Earthkeepin  entry in a long time. Since last entries, my lil earth guardian and I have done a few years in the Bay Area,  after a good long trip to Mexico Lindo and then on to the South of France, checking out the lovely lavender and beautiful hills of that region.  Throughout this journeying, we’ve tried to stay tapped into green movement and lifestyle.

From the Bay, we launched off to Senegal West Africa early this year to check out the Sahel and discover the magical richness of that land and any movements surrounding that.   From there, we blew across the lovely island of Gran Canaria for 2 months, taking in the subtle beauty of the dry, while lush terrain and the incredibly kind and friendly folks of the Canaries.  Our little few month tour has landed us right back home in the so called Dirty South, living close to the earth and enjoying watching the reap of our sow..

As of late, my lil one and I have a primary interest in growing yummy scrumptious delicious food!  We have done it all, from hydroponics to aquaponics and right now, we are back to working with the good ole earth,  to grow organic  food to nourish the nation!

Stay with us as we embark on larger scale food projects and grow deeper in our knowledge of sustainable practices,  and organic living…


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