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Shitake Mushroom Harvest March 24, 2014

Today was a fun day at the West Broad Street Farm here in Athens. I’ve been working there as of recent and am really enjoying the process of maintaining a larger garden/farm and being able to see the daily ins and outs of the process.  Today I was so excited to be able to harvest Shitake Mushrooms from lovely mushroom logs..I learned that Mushrooms absolutely love water and the more watering the better. Some experts even suggest dipping mushroom logs in water for some hours so that they may be submerged in water. log


Here are some magical mushrooms growing in nature. It was super fun harvesting them and sending them on to be sold. I want to learn more about the innoculation process  of Shitakes.


Project Ecology Agriculture and Trade (E.A.T.) Doin the Good Work April 24, 2008

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I recently trekked with my 3 year old across country to link up with an organization called Project E.A.T. ( This non profit organization is in the processing of carrying out some key missions throughout the South Florida regions as well as in Jamaica, Ethiopia and Ghana currently. E.A.T. Jamaica is a really important project right now involving the formation of a farmer co-op in the Blue Mountain region of Portland Jamaica. It is in this region that farmers are being forced to watch their own crops die because of foreign monopoly of the produce market and the unwise heavy import of foreign gmo’d produce to the people of this land. It’s sad to see the way in which these farmers watch their hard work and care go to waste while engineered foods from outside have taken over their former markets. E.A.T. Jamaica seeks to rectify some of this disparity by documentation through multi-media, co-op formation and export market creation as well as shipping services for these farmers and other poor farmers throughout the world.

Some of the focuses of the organization right now in regards to the E.A.T. Jamaica project are centered on matching the 200,000 seeds the Minister of Agriculture recently commissioned to be planted by Jamaicans in response to the looming food crisis effecting 3rd World countries and the world currently. As an answer to this call, Project E.A.T. seeks to match this seed request. In addition, we can provide the government of Jamaica with high quality Mother Earth Foods organic fertilizer as well as donated farm equipment. Through these missions, a more solid foundation of socio-economic stability can begin to be formed for the people of this region.

The reality is that folks all over the planet are being forced to be made more responsible for the food they eat and where it comes from. No more can we blindly allow others to provide us with our food sources and expect true quality.

See the movie “The Future of Food” for more details into the frightening status of food and agriculture right now….

To learn more about the plight of Jamaican Farmers in the Blue Mountain Regions, please check out


Homa therapy October 1, 2007

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Homa therapy is a vedic science dedicated to restoring the natural purity and balance of the atmosphere by way of fire. Homa therapy utilizes the yajnya of Agni Hotra and it’s attunement to the biorhythm of sunset and sunrise to replenish the atmosphere with nutrients to promote healing. The Agni hotra as I discussed in another blog utilizes the preparation of a small fire in a copper pyramid in which one places grains of rice, cow dung and ghee (clarified unsalted butter). Along with this burning ritual, two different vedic mantras are chanted to create certain energies in the environment that promote it’s revitalization and healing process.

Experimentation in places like Venezuela and Peru with Homa therapy in agricultural settings has produced pretty significant results. Apparently, when the Homa is performed in a garden or around trees, the leaves are the first to receive the smoke and then stimulates the generation of chlorophyll.

In Homa atmospheres, areas in which the precise sunset, sunrise rituals are practiced, the metabolism of the plant is activated causing the plant to receive more of the nutrients it’s in need of so that it can yield these same nutrients, healing the plant itself as well as the ecology around.

The basis of the concept of performing the ritual of homa therapy has to do with the susceptibility of plant life and all life in general to more subtle forces. Through the use of innovative, though ancient practices like homa therapy, we may actually have a chance at regenerating and restoring our denatured soils and plant life so that it can yield us the things that we need to sustain and be healthy.


Becoming Whole with Blue Green Algae-the E3AFA Solution September 26, 2007

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I recently got turned on to E3AFA blue green algae in capsule form here on the Big Island where I live. One of the suppliers was successful enough to get the local mainstream grocery store to carry it, a pretty impressive task, and it seems to be flying off the shelves.

I started taking this algae after a former roommate of mind unknowingly left her big bottle of it behind. I was stoked to find it because I have a natural affinity blue green algae of all sorts. Spirulina has been a mainstay for me for many years and I use it to heal all types of conditions of imbalance, usually due too much acidic food in the diet in my case. Algae is just so alkaline and grounding while providing the body with an endless store of energy. All this said, E3AFA has definitely proved itself to be a powerful algae healer.

E3AFA is a raw food that is rich in just about every mineral, protein, and amino acid you can think of. It’s one of the best sources of chlorophyll as well. Due to it’s harvesting in the deep center of Klamath lake, it is untouched by industrial pollutants and great thought is put into conditions during harvesting to ensure the optimum product for consumers. I could go on and on but basically, everyone should try the stuff at least once. Take it and feel it electrify the body, easily assimilating and infusing the cells with much needed nutrition.
You can get it here:


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